How does a Chiropractor Treat Low Back Pain?

The chiropractic profession has slowly changed over the years in terms of treatment philosophy for low back pain. In the past you would go to a chiropractor, and your doctor may recommend against it. The chiropractor would perform a quick chiropractic adjustment, ad you would be on your way. Our office is completely different. Today, medical doctors are referring their patients to our office for symptoms such as low back pain. Chiropractic treatment is seen as an effective alternative to medications for musculoskeletal issues.

So, how would I treat your low back pain in my office? Patient’s back pain can begin for any number of reasons, including, but not limited to, car accidents, extended periods of sitting, poor posture, heavy lifting, or a disc bulge. The back is composed of the vertebrae, muscles surrounding the vertebrae, the disc between each vertebrae, and the nerves coming from the spinal cord. Back injuries typically damage one or more of these tissues along the spine. The chiropractic adjustment is performed to release pressure between the joints that the vertebrae form. This is the part of the treatment that involves “cracking the back”. I then use deep tissue muscle release, which is a combination of deep tissue massage and stretching, simultaneously. I have now relieved pressure from the joints, and released the trigger points in the muscle along the spine. I will then educate the patient on movement patterns, and proper posture to help prevent aggravation of the damaged tissue. Finally, while in office I will give exercises specific to your injury, that encourage proper body mechanics, spinal flexibility and muscular stabilization.

Low back pain can be a complex issue that takes time and effort to heal. Treatments at Rochester Chirotherapy are a modern take on chiropractic care, specific to the damage in your back.

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