What is ChiroTherapy?

ChiroTherapy is more than just a style of chiropractic treatment. It is an entire patient care model. When I set out to start my own chiropractic practice, I saw pieces of care missing from some chiropractic offices. I wanted to add in those missing pieces to my own practice. The model I follow with ChiroTherapy includes the various treatments I use, the overall patient experience, and collaboration with other health care providers as needed. I am not claiming to have a better treatment philosophy than other chiropractors, it is just the style of care that I believe best suits my patients’ needs.

The theory of the ChiroTherapy modes is that the patients’ experience and outcomes are more important than any other aspect of the business. Patients must understand and feel comfortable with the treatment that will be performed. I strive to never make my patients feel rushed during treatment with short in office treatments. I noticed that most chiropractic appointments take 5 minutes with a chiropractor who is in out and of the room with hardly enough time to say hello. I wanted to change that. Appointments are anywhere from 20-30 minutes, taking the time to get to know the patient, their concerns, symptoms, how its impacting their daily life, and the most appropriate treatment for their condition. If there is a chiropractic manipulation the patient is not comfortable with, such as a neck manipulation, I will use other stretching techniques as an alternative. Patient comfort comes first.

I have also noticed that in some offices, chiropractors would perform full-spine adjustments, for all patients, no matter where the pain was. As mentioned before, this style of treatment can take under 5 minutes, releasing tension from the spinal joints. However, it is a generalized treatment that does not completely treat all of the tissues involved with neck or back pain. During ChiroTherapy sessions, I utilize treatment methods similarly performed by massage therapists, physical therapists, and chiropractors, built into one appointment. I provide and review rehabilitation exercises to be performed in between appointments, use deep tissue release techniques and massage tools to relieve muscle pain and tightness, and then combine it with spinal manipulation to release the spinal joints, increasing range of motion, and decreasing pain. By providing treatment in this manner I am working on the entire joint complex, including the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and the joint itself.

The final component to the ChiroTherapy model is that I do not believe in long-term treatment plans. Depending on the injury, I will typically provide care for roughly 2 months. If the patient is doing well, they will then transition to monthly or as needed maintenance visits. If I have been seeing a patient with moderate to severe pain over 2 months and I have not seen any tangible improvement, I will refer patients to another health care provider that may offer a different type of treatment or area of expertise. Some of the providers that I work alongside are acupuncturists, physical therapists, neurologists, and orthopedic surgeons. This interdisciplinary form of treatment is the model that the healthcare field is striving to move towards. This model focuses on utilizing less medications for musculoskeletal pain, and more natural, collaborative efforts across multiple disciplines.

ChiroTherapy is a combination of many different aspects of care:

  • Treatment methods that include more than just the spinal manipulation, such as exercise and muscle release.

  • Patient visits that are specific to the patient being treated, without feeling rushed or pressured into a long term treatment plan.

  • While also building trust with the patient that if I notice I cannot help your condition I have a team I work with and trust that can provide the care you need.