Benefit of Receiving Chiropractic Care Regularly

Patients seek chiropractic care in Rochester, NY for spine pain, most commonly in the neck and low back. Chiropractic care is an alternative form of treatment that helps reduce pain in the muscles and joints of the spine without the use of medication or invasive procedures. A large majority of the people that come to the office are in pain due to tension in the muscles and joints due to stress, poor posture, work demands, or physical exercise. Stress on the body will lead to overuse of said muscles and joints. We may not notice the daily trauma that the body endures, until it persists to moderate or severe pain slowly over time. The aim of chiropractic care is to combat those daily stresses, and provide the body with recovery it needs to relieve pain, and eventually prevent pain.

A chiropractor’s goal for treatment is to identify the cause of pain, treat the pain, and then educate the patients on ways to live a more efficient lifestyle to prevent the return of pain. When a patient comes in with low back pain that they’ve experienced for 6 months due to sitting at work for 8 hours a day, the pain is a result of daily microtrauma to the body. Chiropractic treatment will relieve the pain. However, because what caused the pain is part of the patient’s daily routine, it is important for the patient to take part in preventative rehab or “prehab”. Prehab is similar in concept to a professional athlete receiving treatment prior to and after physical activity. The patient may be out of pain now, but they cannot quit their job that requires them to sit all day. They must build in a routine of home care stretches, exercises, safe body positioning , and regular chiropractic care to keep the spine healthy. Without having a recovery routine, the body’s aches and pains will return, and eventually lead to chronic decreases in range of motion and pain. Regular visits to a chiropractor will combat these chronic conditions that affects us later in life.

The frequency of regular maintenance visits depend on the patient. Everyone’s body and life demands are different. Treatments can be as regular as once a month, to once every 6 months. Talk to your chiropractor to determine what is most appropriate for you.

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