10 Tips for Choosing a Chiropractor

Over the last ten weeks I have been posting tips providing information to help people choose what chiropractor to start care with. Chiropractic as a profession can vary greatly from office to office. I felt that it was important to help individuals who have never been to a chiropractor before better understand what their experience should consist of. The Rochester area has many different chiropractic offices. These tips may be useful in helping you choose which one is the best fit for you. Feel free to follow our Facebook page, Rochester ChiroTherapy: Dr. Stephen Boronczyk, ( https://www.facebook.com/RochesterChiroTherapy/ ) to see our previous and future posts, regarding chiropractic care.

To recap, our top ten tips for choosing are a chiropractor in Rochester, New York are:

  1. Your chiropractor should provide multiple forms of treatment outside of just the chiropractic adjustment. Some examples are: deep tissue muscle release, nutrition counseling, spinal decompression, and/or rehabilitation exercises.

  2. Beware of chiropractors that sell long-term treatment plans that require a large sum of money upfront prior to care. Chiropractic care should be tailored to your specific needs and re-evaluated throughout the process. It would be difficult to identify exactly how much care you will need and for how long upfront.

  3. Choose a chiropractor that works alongside other health care disciplines to help you reach the best possible outcomes. This includes communicating and collaborating with your primary care doctor, physical therapist, or any other specialist you are currently seeing for your condition.

  4. Your chiropractor should not take x-ray’s of every patient that enters their office. It is improper health care. Your chiropractor should know when an x-ray is warranted and request them appropriately.

  5. Avoid chiropractors who give vaccination and medication recommendations. It is not within a chiropractor’s scope of practice to give recommendations on this type of medical care. If you are looking to add or adjust medications or vaccinations and you discuss this with your chiropractor, he or she should refer you to your primary doctor to discuss this further.

  6. Your chiropractor should perform an thorough health history and initial exam to understand what is causing your pain and how to most effectively treat your pain. This can also help rule out any conditions that may have adverse reactions to chiropractic care.

  7. A chiropractor should tailor treatments specifically to your needs, injury, or area of pain. Treatments from your chiropractor should not be “one size fits all”.

  8. Treatments from your chiropractor should only be those that you are comfortable with. For example, if you are not comfortable with spinal manipulation of the neck, your chiropractor should offer you with alternative forms of treatment for this area.

  9. Exercise in conjunction with chiropractic care is very important to help you reach better treatment results. Your chiropractor should be going over movement patterns and rehabilitation exercises that will further help your condition or recovery process.

  10. The goal of chiropractic care is to get you back to performing daily activities that you need to or want to perform. Your chiropractor should not take these things away from you, but rather, work with you to get you healthy enough to safely perform these tasks. Even if that requires movement modifications.

If you have any further questions about what to expect at a chiropractic visit do not hesitate to reach out to Rochester ChiroTherapy. Dr. Stephen Boronczyk is there to answer any questions you may have.