Chiropractor Rochester: Movement Is Medicine

There is no doubt that physical activity is great for the body. Exercise and a healthy diet can help battle a number of illnesses including heart disease and diabetes. The same is true for muscle and joint pain. Often times, people do not incorporate proper rehabilitation exercises when it comes to pain relief. It is common to not want to move an area when you feel pain, thinking that rest will help it heal. This is the case for certain injuries. However, when it comes to chronic back and neck pain you should be up and moving as quickly as possible, even through some discomfort. Incorporating movement and exercise does not mean heavy bending and lifting at the gym or being physically active at work. The goal is to incorporate movements and exercises that compliment your body, and give you the strength and endurance to perform activities that cause you pain throughout the day.

Your chiropractor should educate you on spinal rehabilitation exercises during your in-office treatment, that can then be performed at home. Chiropractic adjustments, or spinal manipulations are another form of movement for the spine that compliments rehabilitation exercises. Spinal manipulations involve a safe thrust into the joint, which induces movement, and occasionally causes a popping sound. This treatment is important in improving range of motion and mobility in tension-filled spinal joints.

Chronic back and neck pain typically stem from a muscle or joint that is being overused or fatigued in your everyday life. For example, using poor posture at your work desk, bending and lifting heavy objects frequently, or holding awkward positions— like working underneath a car as a mechanic. This can also occur in athletes who go to the gym 4-5 times a week. They may feel pain resulting from over-using the same muscles over and over again, and potentially using poor form when lifting weights. Switching up your routine and mixing in a lower-impact yoga or Pilates-type exercise will help to improve mobility, and keep pain in check.

This is a process that takes time. Do not expect to be out of chronic back or neck pain after one chiropractic adjustment, and a week of exercises. It takes discipline and dedication to both forms of treatment. Building in regular chiropractic care, and an exercise recovery routine is important for patients with physically demanding jobs, active hobbies, and chronic pain. Take care of your body now, for a more pain-free future.

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