Chiropractor Rochester: Train Hard, Recover Hard

“Train hard, recover hard” is a phrase that I use often with my athletic patient population. Patients that love to run 5k’s, go to the gym 5-6 days a week, perform CrossFit, or just enjoy playing pick-up basketball, often neglect the second half of training, and that is: recovery. Some of my patients train as hard as professional athletes, but do not dedicate the same effort to preventing injury and helping their body recover. Most professional athletes dedicate at least an hour or two a day to recovery treatments. I know that having a dedicated training staff, a recovery room, and expensive equipment at your fingertips isn’t something that most people have, however there are simple strategies that can be applied to create your own recovery process.

Although exercise is an important part of healthy lifestyle, serious tissue damage can occur when your body is overexerted. Overuse injuries are some of the most common causes of pain experienced by patients that come in for chiropractic care. Overuse is when a muscle is used so often during exercise, holding certain postural positions, or doing the same task over and over again at work, that discomfort begins to develop. The muscle pulls on the bone so often that it begins to become swollen and irritated, causing pain. The muscle can and often times does becomes chronically tight, and forms trigger points. Rest is often recommended when the pain has become so severe that it is impeding on the patients’ ability to perform typical, everyday tasks. This is why I recommended recovery prior to that point, so that you can continue completing necessary daily tasks with minimal discomfort.

Although overuse is most commonly associated with athletes (such as knee pain in runners, or shoulder pain in heavy lifters), it can also apply to someone working a desk job that stays in the same position for 8 hours a day, resulting in low back pain. Similarly, the barber who stands with his arms out in front of his body doing 20 haircuts a day, resulting in shoulder or wrist pain. You do not have to be exercising to overuse your muscles.

As a chiropractor in Rochester, NY, I treat overuse injuries like this often. Most Americans work hard, but ignore the important task of self-care. For a chiropractor, the strategy when treating a patient with overused muscular pain, is to use deep tissue release, stretching, proper postural education and movement patterns, spinal manipulation and rehab movements. If you are someone in the Rochester area that is performing in extreme athletics or repetitive tasks everyday, and are beginning to experience discomfort, do not wait. The quicker you begin treatment, typically the faster you recover. Once the patient is out of pain through chiropractic care, it is recommended that the patient receive occasional treatments to stay ahead of the pain. The activities that started the pain don’t stop, so why should recovery. This applies to any patient, athlete or not.

At Rochester ChiroTherapy, Rochester’s chiropractic office, we pride ourselves on getting patients out of pain as fast and affordable as possible, with recovery routines that can be applied at home to make in office treatments more effective.