Rochester Chiropractor: Rehab vs. Self Care

Chiropractic adjustments can be used as a form of treatment for many different types of pain and injury.  Pain can be separated into two categories, acute and chronic. Acute pain, as we have discussed before, is discomfort that has started within a few days of treatment, either without notice or from an injury.  Chronic pain is discomfort that a patient has been experiencing for months, or even years.

Of the different factors involved with recovering from pain, time is most important.  Recovery time for an acute injury is typically shorter, but the pain can be more severe and may prevent someone from performing their normal daily activities.  Chronic pain is usually more manageable on a day to day basis, but recovery from such pain is more difficult and time consuming.

An example of an acute back injury would be a pulled muscle from bending and lifting a heavy object.  The pain may be severe enough to force the patient to call out of work and rest. The goal when treating an acute injury such as back pain, headaches, or neck pain would be to decrease pain, and increase function.  Function is the ability to perform everyday tasks, even if you are still experiencing some pain. It is not always possible to get a patient completely out of pain after one treatment. However, we work with the patient to decrease pain, and increase function, so the body can help heal itself.  Think of this treatment as a form of natural Advil or ibuprofen.

The goal for treatment of chronic pain is also to increase function.  In some instances patients have been experiencing pain for so long that it is near impossible to completely reverse all the damage.  An example of this would be arthritis in the back. Receiving treatment from a chiropractor will not reverse arthritis. We can however help relieve the patient from pain they are experiencing, while also working toward a goal of getting them back to activities they haven’t been able to perform.

Following a course of chiropractic treatment, I often recommend patients continue treatment periodically.  This form of treatment is referred to as self care. Chiropractic adjustments, deep tissue muscle release, stretching, and massage have many health care benefits outside of just pain relief.  These treatments keep the body mobile, keep the spine healthy, relax the patient, and relieve stress and tension in the muscles. Patients who partake in such treatments are keeping the risk of re-injury low and will help improve their overall quality of life.  For most patients the issues that cause pain are not going anywhere. Heavy exercise, sitting for long periods at work, poor posture at computers, or being physically active in the workplace can all contribute to pain. We highly recommend our patients stay ahead of that pain, and make self care a top priority.

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