What is a Disc Herniation and Why Does it Cause Pain?

Most of us have heard of a disc herniation causing back pain. The disc in our back act as a cushion between each vertebrae. These disc are filled with a jelly like fluid, that absorb pressure, gravity, and trauma. On the outer portion of these discs, is a thick, tendon like material that keeps the softer jelly like fluid inside. These tough outer rings can, and will, slowly break down due to daily life stresses. Especially in those who perform repeated activities such as bending, lifting, and sitting for extended periods. Once this tough outer ring becomes damaged, the fluid disc inside can begin to protrude out. This will present as pain in your back, or neck, and can be described as a deep ache along the spine. Once the disc comes completely out from that outer ring, it will begin to put pressure on your spinal nerves. Direct pressure on spinal nerves due to disc herniation can be extremely painful. It is usually described as a sharp pain, numbness/tingling, shooting pain down the leg, and muscular weakness. Both of these pain types should be treated conservatively by a chiropractor for 4-6 weeks. At Rochester Chirotherapy in Rochester, NY, we specialize in treating back pain, especially those caused by disc herniation.