How Much Does Chiropractic Care Cost?

One of the most commonly asked questions from a prospective patient is, “how much does a visit cost?”

There are a number of factors that determine how much a visit will cost, making it a difficult question to answer prior to consulting with the patient. Rochester Chirotherapy offers a number of treatment options that differ in price. Additionally, every health insurance company has different guidelines stating what services and treatment methods they will or won’t cover from a chiropractic visit. Many insurance companies require the patient to pay for a certain portion of the visit themselves (copay).

The average cost for a chiropractic visit for a patient with health insurance in New York State can be anywhere from $20 to $50. Medicaid, a government-funded insurance that assists many individuals in Rochester, New York, unfortunately does not cover any portion of chiropractic care. Because of this, no chiropractor in New York can work directly with Medicaid services (the patient would have to pay for the entire service). At Rochester Chirotherapy, we not want to turn away any patients in need based on their financial situation. We work with patients to bring quality chiropractic care at a reasonable price, by offering financial assistance to those that qualify (individuals on Medicaid or receiving other government assistance such as food stamps, WIC, etc.)

We work with patients to bring quality chiropractic care at a reasonable price, by offering financial assistance to those that qualify.”

At Rochester Chirotherapy, it is hard to answer the question “how much will a visit cost?” over the phone. Our office uses a hybrid of chiropractic care, and physical therapy principles. We offer different treatment options to target exactly what the patient needs and what is causing their pain. These different treatment options all have a unique price. Our office offers free consultations with no strings attached, allowing patients the chance to sit down and talk with the doctor about what is bothering them. With this information, the doctor is then able to explain how he can help, and how much it may cost. For example:

A patient sprained their back lifting a heavy package at work. They have a slight disc bulge that is causing 9 out of 10, sharp pain in the back that shoots down the leg. A proper treatment for that patient is spinal manipulation (adjustment), deep tissue muscle release (hands-on muscle work), exercises, and electric muscle stimulation. This patient is in acute, severe pain that needs more attention. Each of those treatments are specific to that patient and come with a different cost.

That patient visit cost will be near $70.

Another example:

A patient comes in with a sore neck. They have 3 out of 10 pain that started when they woke up in the morning, with no real trauma or injury. A treatment of stretching and spinal manipulation is necessary.

The cost will be around $40.

The best way to find out the cost for your treatment is to schedule a free consultation. Prices for care at our office start at $25 and may increase based on the patients’ needs.

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