Chiropractors and Physical Therapist Have This in Common

Chiropractors and physical therapist have more in common today than ever before. Both health care professions are tasked with helping patients recover from muscle and joint pain through conservative efforts, that is treatment without surgery. Most chiropractors focus their efforts around spinal manipulation, where as physical therapist focus on rehabilitation exercise and movement. As chiropractic education and board examinations evolve, more and more chiropractors are using spinal rehabilitation exercises and movement to help treat low back pain. Chiropractors in New York state, that have taken the physiotherapy board exam as part of their certification process, can prescribe the same exercise programs as physical therapist. Research shows spinal manipulation, combined with low back exercises as the most efficient way to treat low back pain. Good modern chiropractic care should capitalize on this research and begin to implement physical therapy style treatments, combined with spinal manipulation. So what do chiropractors and physical therapist have in common? Each profession can and will use spinal rehabilitation exercises to help patients with back, and neck pain. Not all chiropractors are implementing these treatment philosophies, so choose wisely when entrusting a chiropractic physician with your well being.

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