Rochester ChiroTherapy


Our Mission

Rochester ChiroTherapy strives to be innovative in our treatment methods.  We want to get you out of pain and keep you out of pain as fast as possible.  In order to achieve pain relief, we tailor our treatment specifically to each patient and each condition.  No two patients are the same, so we won't treat you that way!

What We Achieve

  • Pain relief in as few appointments as possible

  • Gentle, safe, chiropractic adjustments

  • Full spine health and alignment

  • Reduce pain without medications

  • Give patients an alternative to surgery

  • Increase overall quality of life

A well respected review of the evidence in the Annals of Internal Medicine pointed to chiropractic care as one of the major nonpharmacologic therapies considered effective for acute and chronic low back pain.
— Chou R, Hoyt Huffman LH. Nonpharmacologic therapies for acute and chronic low back pain: a review of the evidence for an American Pain Society/American College of Physicians Clinical Practice Guideline. Ann of Internal Medicine