Why is Rochester ChiroTherapy Different?

Chiropractor in Rochester NY Treating Neck Pain, Low Back Pain, Headaches, And Sciatica.

1. Chirotherapy Appointment

A chirotherapy appointment utilizes multiple treatments within one appointment.  This longer, more thorough appointment consists of deep tissue muscle release for chronic muscle pain and tightness, electric muscle stimulation, chiropractic adjustments, and rehabilitation exercises.  Each appointment is tailored to the patient's specific condition. This appointment is appropriate for all musculoskeletal issues.


2. Standard chiropractic appointment

During a standard chiropractic appointment, patients will receive a chiropractic adjustment. Dr. Boronczyk will assess the spine to find areas of increased muscle tension. Once these areas are identified, a quick, but gentle, thrust will be applied to the spinal joints.  A light popping may be heard or cracking may be felt as pressure is released from the joints. This treatment method is appropriate for most patients with back pain, neck pain, and headaches, as well as spinal maintenance, to prevent the pain from returning.   

3. deep tissue Muscle release

Muscle release techniques are being utilized by many health care specialists in the professional sports world.  We find trigger points in the muscle caused by exercise, poor posture, or injury and treat them with a combination of deep pressure and stretching. This treatment method is beneficial for chronic muscle pain and muscular soreness caused from work, exercise, or everyday life.